Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Texas species vulnerable to losing ESA protections

Despite research that shows Americans overwhelmingly support the Endangered Species Act, Congress and the current administration continue to try and weaken it. These Texas species, already affected by climate change, could be especially hard hit by any loss of protection.

Too much of a good thing

Another post for the PBS Nature Blog's summer of love, this one about recent Sargassum blooms. While the floating algae provide habitat and food for a wide variety of marine life in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean, blooms are taking it a bit too far.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sea turtle summer of no love

As reptiles, sea turtles lack sex hormones; an embryo becomes male or female depending on the temperature in its nest. Hotter times thanks to climate change threaten to turn the sea turtle future too female. Read more about the problem in this post for the PBS Nature blog.

Science by the Sea

Find your inner marine biologist at these Texas destinations, where laboratories, nature reserves, and aquariums offer the chance to learn more about those beaches and bays we all enjoy so much.  Read the full article in Texas Highways Magazine.

Friday, June 29, 2018

A tribute to Tony Amos

Oceanographer Anthony Amos patrolled Port Aransas beaches for decades, creating an unparalleled database and rescuing scores of sea turtles, birds and other creatures. He founded the Animal Rehabilitation Keep, now the Amos Rehabilitation Keep. Tony died in September, 2017. Here, his friends and colleagues talk about his work and legacy.

Sharks in the Gulf of Mexico

This piece on tagging sharks is part of a series of articles in Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine looking at the Gulf of Mexico. Follow tagged sharks at https://www.ocearch.org/tracker.

Diving into issues affecting the Gulf of Mexico

The July issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine features a series of articles about the Gulf of Mexico produced by yours truly and the magazine editor, Louie Bond. This piece looks at threats to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.