Saturday, May 14, 2016

Citizen Science underwater

Your dive trip really counts, pun intended, when you go with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, which has been collecting volunteer fish surveys for years. Read about my REEF trip to Bonaire here.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Eat, drink, save the bees

This restaurant on the Pedernales River keeps bees and uses their honey in various drinks and dishes, helping to raise awareness of the serious threats to bee survival.

Summer School

Learn something fun this summer! Find some suggestions in my piece for Texas Highways.

Year of Parks - World Birding Center sites

The May issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine features Bentsen-Rio Grande, Estero Llano Grande and Resaca de la Palma State Parks, all part of the World Birding Center. Read it here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Year of Parks - Enchanted Rock

Number three in the Year of Parks series, in the April issue of Texas Parks an Wildlife Magazine, looks at Enchanted Rock and everything it has to offer kids of all ages.

Year of Parks - Washington-on-the-Brazos

The second installment in my year-long series on Texas state parks takes us to the birthplace of the Republic of Texas. It wasn't an easy birth! Read more here. 

Eulogy for a wolf

In his remarkable 10 years, Oregon's OR4 produced a number of famous offspring, proved himself an excellent father, and taught biologists a lot about wolves. For the most part, people either loved him or hated him. He was killed by state officials on March 31.

OR4 waking up after being collared in 2011. Courtesy Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department.